“Presenting the voices, traditions, and creativity
of female and indigenous cooks

Truly Texas Mexican offers a satisfying feast for those who hunger for social justice.”
–Dr. Jeffrey Pilcher, University of Toronto

Artist, Celeste De Luna, by US-Mexico border wall, “a death symbol”

What Critics, Viewers, Activists are saying

Winner of “Best Documentary” and “Audience Choice Award” at International Film Festivals! 

This beautiful film is a palate cleanser for everything you thought you knew about Texas Mexican food, culture and history.”

Oscar Casares

Author of “Where We Come From”

I also loved the direction / cinematography, and I laughed out loud several times. The overall message is a hopeful one, and we need that in these horrible times.”

John Nova Lomax

Independent Writer, Editor

This visually beautiful and musically enchanting film melds food, cooking and indigenous history.”

Mary Hess

Author of “All That We Can’t Leave Behind”

It opened my eyes to our innate connection with nature, and it assured me that food really feeds the soul”

Sandra Aponte

Program Officer,
The MacArthur Foundation

It was powerful and important to see these stories told…a window into this part of Texan culture that otherwise I’d have little way of getting to know”

Lesley Tellez

Food Writer, Author of “Eat Mexico”

Adán leads us through the Texan hinterland on a journey of culinary discovery in his new documentary, ‘Truly Texas Mexican.’ I stayed up past midnight watching it last night. Riveting!”

Dan Beuttner

Author of National Geographic
“Blue Zones Kitchen”

“Texas Mexican cuisine gives you an opportuity to see how differences are embraced”

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We are a Texas and Latin America-based Production Team

Adán Medrano

Executive Producer, Writer

Virginia Diaz-Laughlin


Aníbal Capoano


Gabriel Bendahan